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  • Referencia: ARLP7035
  • Sello: ANAZITISI
  • Año: 71
  • Formato: LP
  • Pais: UK
  • Tipo: LIMITADO
  • Precio: 45,00 €

Perhaps, one of the rarest and most expensive, major company, releases from Greece.

Released back in 1971, by POLYDOR. It was a tiny pressing (probably 200 or 300 copies) and it has never been rereleased on vinyl.

Even the 1996 CD reissue (500 copies only) is very rare nowadays.

"Episodio" is one of the hidden treasures of the Greek rock/folk music scene.

An album not easy to categorise.

OK, folk is probably the "right" word but what kind of folk??

Powerful, anarchic, experimental, revolutionary but also polite, sophisticated, melodic, poetic even psychedelic and avant-gardish…!!! You have to listen to it…

Acoustic & electric guitars, heavy percussion, bass, flute, cello, clarinet, bass, lot of reverse tapes and sound effects and….some wild, real angry vocals.

His first "Domatio" album from 1968, will follow soon…..

First ever official reissue licenced by UNIVERSAL, Greece .

Exact reproduction for the gatefold , b/w, cover and the labels.

It includes extra 8-pages, fully laminated, booklet (A4 size) with bio, lyrics and photos.

PVC protective outersleeve.

180gr. vinyl as usual.

Limited to 350 copies.



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