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  • Referencia: LPS011
  • Sello: WAH WAH
  • Año: 71
  • Formato: LP
  • Pais: SP
  • Precio: 45,00 €

musica dispersa_02

musica dispersa_03


Wah Wah Records proudly presents the new vinyl reissue of yet another smashing Spanish rarity. Musica Dispersa featured the talent of threeof the most significant musicians from the catalonian underground movement of the late sixties: Jaume Sisa, J.M. Brabo "El Cachas" and Albert Batiste, who after their Miniatura project with Pau Riba were joined by young hippie girl Selene. The album's title describes the sounds contained in the most precise way possible, but for those who need some extra lines to get into the groove it we must state that we face a masterpiece of melodic tunesthat pay a certain tribute to the English folk movement of the era, as theydo to the early Amon Duül's freak out sound concept. Echoes of TheIncredible String Band are present mainly in the guitar parts, drums areabsent in all but one track (in which they are held by Josep Mª Vilaseca"Tapi", of Máquina & Tapiman fame) and percussion, harmonica,organ, mouth harp, piano and wordless vocals are heard all through the album,as is Selene's flute work. All in all this is a strange, relaxing littlepiece of underground from Barcelona's early seventies hippie youth thathas become a classic of our country's history of pop music, and that isyet again available in a 1000 copies only strictly limited edition thatrespects the original gatefold artwork, including the slight relief ofthe cover illustration. As an addition, our release comes with extensiveliner notes and photographies. This is one of our best releases and we areproud of it!

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