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  • Referencia: 4M182
  • Autor: SMALL FACES
  • Sello: 4 MEN WITH BEARDS
  • Año: 6S
  • Formato: LP
  • Pais: US
  • Precio: 25,00 €
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SMALL FACES "Small Faces"
Format: 180 gram LP


small faces_14

The Small Faces second album, originally released in 1967, is a rock & soul classic from Steve Marriott & Co. that holds up next to the best the Rolling Stones and Who had to offer around the same time. There's garage rock, soul, psychedelia, and dance numbers all represented. A classic release from one of the best, and most criminally underrated bands of the initial British rock explosion.

Tracks Side A: 1. Runaway 2. My Mind's Eye 3. Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow 4. That Man 5. My Way Of Giving 6. Hey Girl 7. (Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me Side B: 1. Come Back And Take This Hurt Off Me 2. All Or Nothing 3. Baby Don't You Do It 4. Plum Nellie 5. Sha-La-La-La-Lee 6. You've Really Got A Hold On Me 7. Whatcha Gonna Do About It


small faces_05

small faces_06


small faces_12

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  • Referencia: HJRLP20
  • Autor: TONY ALLEN
  • Año: 7S
  • Formato: 2LP
  • Pais: UK
  • Precio: 25,00 €
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Tony Allen

Lagos No Shaking



'the best soul album - in the real sense of the word - you'll hear this year... classic, blistering afro-beat'  (Daily Telegraph); 'as tight as a pressure cooker... fierce and fun' (The Wire); 'son meilleur album... monumentale, triomphante, orgasmique' (Les Inrockuptibles); '**** utterly infectious... a triumphant return' (The Observer).


Tony Allen is the co-creator of Afrobeat, and one of the most distinctive and in-demand drummers on the planet. No one swings like this Nigerian rhythm man - with that amazing, loose-limbed, poly-rhythmic technique that has powered some of the funkiest and most challenging dance music ever created. And Lagos No Shaking is his most powerful and personal album to date: a return to core values; a testament to the fact that afrobeat is best served straight - hot, hard and percussion-heavy. 

Tony Allen grew up surrounded by rhythm: the local palm-wine and juju sounds loved by his motor mechanic father, and the pan-African, big-band highlife then sweeping the clubs of Africa - exemplified by the great Ghanaian bandleader E. T. Mensah. The young Tony developed an obsession with drums. But opportunities to get near a kit were few and far between in 1950s Lagos. He made his professional debut at the age of 18, while working as a radio technician, playing claves with Sir Victor Olaiya and his Cool Cats. When the regular drummer left, Tony was handed the sticks. He went on honing his technique with Negu Morris And The Heatwaves, the Nigerian Messengers and the Western Toppers Highlife Band. His role models were Art Blakey and the Ghanaian drummer Koffi Ghanaba, aka Guy Warren. 

Then, in 1964, Tony was invited to audition for a band called Koola Lobitos, led by a young Nigerian - just returned from music studies in London - named Fela Kuti. Fela's influence on the young drummer was incalculable. But then so was Tony's on Fela. Here was exactly the musician Fela had been looking for: capable of fusing jazz and highlife sensibilities and sounding, as Kuti put it, `like five drummers at once'. If Fela was afrobeat's mind and mouth, Tony Allen was its arms and legs, his webs of cascading off-beats endlessly powering the music forward. 

Allen split with Fela in 1978 - citing the bandleader's lack of care for his musicians. He relocated to Paris in 1980, involving himself in an amazing diversity of collaborative projects over the succeeding decades.

Now, finally, Tony Allen himself is back. Recorded over ten all-night sessions in the Ikeja district, Lagos No Shaking is the first Lagos-recorded album on which Tony has had complete artistic freedom. But it is also a truly collaborative work, which draws on the city's diverse musical traditions and brings together several generations of Lagosian musical talent.  

Key among the veterans is the extraordinary 76 year-old palm-wine singer Fatai Rolling Dollar, who adds his throatily commanding tones and throbbing agidigbo thumb piano to four tracks. From Fela's classic Afrika 70 and Egypt 80 line-ups, saxmen Baba Ani and Show Boy add that essential deep-blasting horn undertow. There are the r&b sensibilities of Yinka Davies and Omololu Ogunleye; and Muritala Adisa adds touches of ewe, a form of spoken praise-singing rooted in ancent Yoruba tradition.  

But the key element is, of course, Tony Allen's powerful, yet magnicently relaxed drumming, which keeps everything in perpetual rocking motion, tempering the hard funk edges of classic afrobeat with earthier Lagosian flavours. Indeed, while the album's observations on Lagos life are aptly tough and sardonic, this is a warmer, more down-home, perhaps a more humane album than anything Fela ever produced. 

Lagos No Shaking means Lagos is on form, Lagos is solid; and on Awa Na Re Fatai Rolling Dollar sings the praises of a city that has been much reviled - not least by its own inhabitants. `Lagos is a fantastic place,' he sings over rolling traditional percussion. `In Lagos you can get whatever you want.' Ise Nla maintains the mood with talk of a `dream ticket, a fantastic job'. In Moyege Lolu thanks his parents for good upbringing and the freedom he feels when he stays with them. Ole ('Lazy') and Ogogoro - an ode to the local gin, complete with drunken marital discussion - warn of the dangers of hanging around in bars. Morose bemoans the grim expressions of the people of Lagos; and Losun alleges and lambasts the inexpressiveness of Nigerian men with true afrobeat frankness. 

Lagos No Shaking is a spectacular homecoming for Tony Allen, an acerbic, unflinching love letter to the city that gave him life in rhythm. 

tony allen [lagos no shaking]

tony allen_01

tony allen_02

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  • Referencia: AVR141516
  • Titulo: VIENE... (CHILE)
  • Sello: MACHITUN
  • Año: 72
  • Formato: LP
  • Pais: CH
  • Precio: 35,00 €
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Originally released in 1972 by IRT Machitun in Santiago-Chile. The album includes a copy of the original insert of the album.

"Congregacion was one of the legendary bands from the Chilean musical scene of the early 70s. In spite of not having been a popular band like Los Jaivas, Los Blops and Congreso, they deserve a position of privilege in the history of Chilean rock. The group was from Valparaiso and led by musician and poet Antonio Smith. They wrote lyrics with a significant political, philosophical and religious content, they were a real "celebration of life". Musically, they crafted ballads in an Andean style with ethnic atmospheres, we could say they made a kind of psychedelic folk with progressive leanings. They recorded just one LP - Congregacion Viene... and a single in 1972."

Un tremendo disco que aparecio en un muy mal momento. Antonio Smith, musico y compositor porteño grabo este disco junto a Congregacion, una especie de colectivo que ademas de contar con sus integrantes propios invito a otros grandes musicos como Eduardo y Gabriel Parra de los Jaivas, Julio Numhauser de Amerindios, entre otros, todos parte del colectivo musical del sello Machitun, subsidiaria rockera de IRT. Una obra llena de hermosas melodias y sonidos que se pasean por el folk, algo de psicodelia e incluso sonoridades progresivas, con canciones llenas de poesia y un positivismo armonico que contrastaba fuertemente con la polarizacion politica que vivia Chile en esa epoca. Quiza por eso fue un disco ignorado y que es mucho mas valorado en estos dias. Antonio Smith partio al exilio y se radico en Argentina, hasta el dia de hoy. Grabo un par de discos solistas que serian la continuacion natural de Congregacion pero no con la calidad de este. Hoy inmerso en el New Age tiene su proyecto Awankana, de tanto en tanto viene a Chile, da charlas y comparte algunas experiencias de su carrera musical. Este disco esta en muchos blogs, pero no podria dejar de estar aca. Esta grabacion incluye como bonus el single del año `71.

01 Estrecha a tu hermano
02 Arrebol
03 Mentes preñadas de amor
04 Sintesis de la existencia
05 El dulce espititu de la soledad - Ama la muerte hermano
06 Tanto parcelamiento
07 Ecliptica
08 Atrapados por un pensamiento
09 Fantastico
10 Cosas que suceden
11 Cuantos que no tienen y merecen
12 Mengano
13 Y regresaras a tu cuarto

Antonio Smith - voz, coros, guitarra raglia, plectrofono, megafono
Alejandro Rodriguez - coros, guitarras 6 y 18 cuerdas y armonica
Alberto Pradas - coros, bajo electrico y guitarra
Baltazar Villaseca - Coros, percusion y guitarra
Carlos Vittini - coros, flauta, maracas y pandero

Musicos invitados
Johan - coros
Richy - bajo electronico en 1 / 2 / 3 / 6
Grumpy - cello 1 / 2 / 3 / 6 / 7 / 10
Gino - cello 7 / 8 / 9 / 11
Eduardo (Jaivas) - piano 8 / 11
Gabriel (Jaivas) - trutuca 11
Julio (Amerindios) - coro 11

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  • Referencia: HJRLP41
  • Autor: VARIOS
  • Año: 7S
  • Formato: 2LP
  • Pais: UK
  • Precio: 25,00 €
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Rocking the party and ramming the dancefloor is the first priority of this review of Latin styles throughout classic West African dance music, as it emerged in step with 1950s anti-colonialism, and ran on gloriously into the 70s. Drawn from exceedingly rare records, mixing the celebrated and unknown, this is the sequel to The World Is Shaking, and the companion of Marvellous Boy. 

africa boogaloo_01
africa boogaloo_02

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  • Referencia: ARLP7034F
  • Autor: KEITH LAW
  • Sello: ANAZITISI
  • Año: 7S
  • Formato: LP
  • Pais: UK
  • Tipo: LIMITADO
  • Precio: 45,00 €
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keith law_01

Keith Law is well known as the songwriter for the Velvett Fogg and the leader for Jardine (see ANAZITISI Records ARLP 70-17F).

"Eyes in the wind" is a collection of 12 songs, all penned & recorded by Keith himself, between 1966-1981. All are totally unreleased.

Keith sings and plays all the instruments (electric & acoustic & bow guitars, keyboards, bass, percussion and effects).

Mainly acoustic album but heavy, fuzzy and phaser guitars are all over.

A full of soul and deep feelings atmosphere vibrates the sensitive lyrics of charismatic Keith Law.

Put it under the category of acid folk, loner/songwriter or mellow psychedelia, wherever you prefer.

It's a true gem…and it would be a pity to leave all these recordings shelved…

The album also contains the first recording (1967) of Jardine's "Masochists of strangulation".

First ever official release, fully licenced by Keith Law. High quality, fully laminated with UV photos, cover.

It includes 4-pages insert with bio, lyrics and photos.

PVC protective outersleeve.

180gr. vinyl as usual.

It will be a very limited to 150 hand-numbered copies, coloured vinyl edition.


keith law in jardine
keith law - eyes in the wind

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